About us

As a company SLR Ltd work across 2 main disciplines.

Our first discipline involves the installation of Intelligent home automation systems and our second offers general high quality IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. As a company, we have many years of professional experience in both sectors and we can offer consultation to help you recognise your existing needs as well as future IT demands for your business. Our mission is to offer both a technical expertise and deliver a friendly service with a passion to fore fill your business requirements while offering great value for you, your family and your company.

We are a dynamic and professional team, who are dedicated and reliable and passionate about delivering a high level of service.

We are delighted to say that have received so much positive feedback from our clients, and often find new business coming through personal recommendations.

We take considerable care to provide high quality IT systems that cater exactly to our clients’ needs, using high quality set up and equipment with the main emphasis on the stability and reliability, together with power saver solutions to help the future proof any system we install. We do our best to satisfy all of our clients needs and offer a wide range and brands and types of equipments, allowing us to find the optimum and most cost-effective solution for you and your business. Our services and products follow all the national and international standards.

Following on from the initial setup with can also provide continuous maintenance solutions which provides quick, precise and professional helps just when you need it. It is also our duty to educate our customers and clients about the intelligent solutions that have emerged in the last few years and are available to make life safer and more comfortable. Our cost effective solutions provide great value for money for any households or company wanting to invest in high quality home or business automation solutions.
Our growing team are continuously trying to satisfy any of our clients high demands and needs.

Attila Farago & Gabriel Farkas




First IT job as a Computer Engineer


First job as database engineer


First Business Management Software what we wrote


First IT news and Classified ads portal what we developed


Estabilish the South London Repair Ltd.

Our Team


Gabriel Farkas

E-mail: gabriel@southlondonrepair.co.uk Skype: gibkey

Big boss of the Zoo. Handles our paycheck, so we love him.

IT Enginer and Co-Founder

Attila Farago

E-mail: attila@southlondonrepair.co.uk Skype: attishu

Kindest person you have ever met if you siting front of him at a meeting, but believe me, you don`t want to make him angry!

Web Designer

Brien Gasparics

E-mail: info@alfawebdesign.hu

CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Drupal and Worpress engineer. You can ask something what he can't do, just no point.

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