Business IT Fixed Fee Monthly IT Support – Addiscombe, Croydon

For only £25/device your business get a full covered monthly IT support. Why is good for you?

With a monthly IT support contract, you pay a fixed amount to cover your business IT systems.

Only £25 / PC / Calendar month

This include Antivirus / Backup Solutions

Designed around the needs of clients without an expert in‐house IT support function, and who prefer to focus management energies elsewhere.

In this scenario, we take full responsibility for our clients overall IT requirements, delivering day‐to‐day IT support, and providing long‐term advice regarding IT‐related business issues.

With the purchase of Standard Support, you will receive the following elements of service:

Emergency Support

We always prioritize emergencies and our aim is to respond as quickly as possible to your emergency, whether you are an existing client or not. Even if you already have a person responsible for your IT we can help.

Ticket Support System

We understand exactly how important support is to our customers. Our ticket system allows us to investigate any issues and questions whilst letting you carry on with your life as normal – you’re not stuck on hold or queuing!